1. What data do we keep?

    You runs are not saved on the servers, we only fetch them from Nike and either you can download them or transfer them to another provider (Strava, Runkeeper).
    We are using Google Analytics to track the website performance.
    The only time we have to save your data, on the server, is when you generate a Magic Token.
  2. What is a Magic Token?

    It's a short key.
    It's purpose is to allow you to re-connect to that service,
    from a device / browser that could not use the google chrome extension. (Mobile,Tablet, Edge, Firefox, Safari ...)
    This magic token is unique, and all the data associated to it are encrypted
  3. What data is saved when generating a magic token?

    Only the tokens from the account you are connected to.
    At least your Nike's access / refresh token, then Strava and or Runkeeper
    None of your login / password are saved
    Thoses tokens are encrypted on the server
  4. How long a magic token is accessible?

    The magic token expires after 30 days of inactivity.
    Also, if multiple failed attempt are made to use a magic token, this one will be revoked